Package defining the class containing a standard SMTP reply made up of a code and a message, as well as a few pre-defined standard replies.

slimta.smtp.reply.unknown_command = <Reply code='500' message='5.5.2 Syntax error, command unrecognized'>

Reply sent when an unknown SMTP command is received by a server.

slimta.smtp.reply.unknown_parameter = <Reply code='504' message='5.5.4 Command parameter not implemented'>

Reply sent when a parameter is sent that is not supported.

slimta.smtp.reply.bad_sequence = <Reply code='503' message='5.5.1 Bad sequence of commands'>

Reply sent when commands are sent out of standard SMTP sequence.

slimta.smtp.reply.bad_arguments = <Reply code='501' message='5.5.4 Syntax error in parameters or arguments'>

Reply sent when an expected parameter is invalid.

slimta.smtp.reply.timed_out = <Reply code='421' message='4.4.2 Connection timed out'>

Reply sent when the server times out waiting for data from the client.

slimta.smtp.reply.unhandled_error = <Reply code='421' message='4.3.0 Unhandled system error'>

Reply sent when an unhandled exception is raised in a command handler.

slimta.smtp.reply.connection_failed = <Reply code='451' message='4.3.0 Connection failed'>

Reply sent when a connection fails unexpectedly.

slimta.smtp.reply.tls_failure = <Reply code='421' message='4.7.0 TLS negotiation failed'>

Reply sent when a TLS negotiation error occurs.

slimta.smtp.reply.invalid_credentials = <Reply code='535' message='5.7.8 Authentication credentials invalid'>

Reply sent when an authentication attempt resulted in invalid credentials.