A Little Bit of History

November 14, 2016

I started this project out of what I saw to be a void in the MTA community. I had been doing things–terrible things–with Postfix configuration. Things that deserved to be code, not configuration. What I really wanted was a mail library, not application, so that I could build business logic right into the system rather than wedging hacks into narrow public APIs.

My first, failed attempt began in early 2011, using Lua and homegrown C socket multiplexing. I relaunched the project in late 2012 in Python with gevent, hoping to reach a broader audience and community. Now, over half-a-decade later, I am very happy that slimta is humming along with a modest user-base and relative stability. It is a project I am proud of. A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed, from submitting code, filing a bug report, to simply writing me a note.

If you feel this project deserves it, consider making a small donation.



Ian Good, slimta creator