Extension Consolidation

October 30, 2020

The release of 4.1.0 took the step of absorbing the following extensions into the core python-slimta codebase:

  • python-slimta-spf

  • python-slimta-lookup

  • python-slimta-diskstorage

  • python-slimta-redisstorage

  • python-slimta-cloudstorage

Maintaining separate repositories, PyPI projects, and CI/CD had become cumbersome. Simplifying and centralizing was also a factor. The python`-slimta package now includes a set of “extras” that will install relevant optional dependencies.

To ease transition, here is a basic mapping of pip install changes:

  • python-slimta-spf becomes python-slimta[spf]

  • python-slimta-lookup is unnecessary, unless using redis: python-slimta[redis].

  • python-slimta-diskstorage becomes python-slimta[disk]

  • python-slimta-redisstorage becomes python-slimta[redis]

  • python-slimta-cloudstorage is unnecessary, unless using AWS: python-slimta[aws].